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Swiftwater Rescue Training, Water Safety Cover and Training for Industry

Water Safety Cover

We have the expertise and resources to provide first aid and safety cover for any water based project:


As a leading technical rescue company we can supply safety crew and boats for a wide range of projects including events, film and media crew and industrial applications.


  • Risk assessment and method statements for adventure races offering water elements
  • Safety cover for events involving in-water activities, including cold water immersion
  • Provision of registered paramedics and ambulance services

Media Services:

  • Training in water based activities such as white water swimming or rafting
  • Location advice and recces
  • On-location risk assessment and safety
  • Safety cover for crew/cast members in water/working at height
  • Provision of registered paramedics and ambulances
  • International risk assessments
  • Provision of stunt doubles
  • Advice on/risk assess water-based or at-height activities


Please contact us for advice regarding on-water installations and contract works such as scaffold erection, painting, surveys, inspections, rope access and  environmental management projects.

  • Safety boat hire including qualified drivers
  • Training for safe working practice and rescue
  • Industrial safety cover
  • Water related risk assessment, method statements and rescue plans

Please contact us for further information.


T. 0781 3773906

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