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Swiftwater Rescue Training, Water Safety Cover and Training for Industry.

Rescue Equipment

Equipment Selection and Procurement

We’ve met many rescue teams who feel they made a poor investment in terms of equipment. As a consequence, they end up either having to make do until the next round of funding, or end up making expensive secondary purchases.

We’re more than happy to informally advise regarding what we consider to be the best equipment for the job. We don’t charge for this; far better that you consult than arrive on a programme only to find your throw bag’s too short/heavy, your boat completely unsuitable or worst of all, no comfort zip in your drysuit!

Water Rescue also offer an equipment resourcing service saving you both time and money.

Contact us regarding your requirements. We then undertake resourcing on your behalf,  ensuring you have the best equipment first time around.

We are able to offer competitive prices on:

Water Rescue Systems  – Rafts and Sleds

Reach and Rescue  – Extended Reach Poles

DAM Drysuits – Drysuits

Ferno – Basket Stretchers

Equipment Design and Testing

Water Rescue are also involved in the design and testing of specialist swiftwater rescue equipment.

We were the first to introduce a specialist inflatable tube specifically for swiftwater rescue and continue to research and test water safety equipment.

extended reachOur tubes have the following advantages:

  • Lightweight
  • Highly visible
  • Inflates by hand pump or from compressed air
  • Easily converted into a rescue sled for evacuation
  • Great value for money

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